Chocolatier Classes - Turn Your Love of Chocolate Into an Amazing Career

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Looking for a place to attend chocolatier classes? Look no further. There are culinary schools in several countries that have a chocolatier program -- and a handful of schools actually specialize in chocolatiering. Some schools have a chocolatier certificate program, while others have full degree programs, with emphasis on pastry and baking arts.

Ecole Chocolate
Ecole Chocolate has multiple programs that range from 100% online to advanced study programs. The Professional Chocolatier Program consists of an intensive 3 month part-time curriculum in chocolate making. It is delivered through online videos, lectures, chat sessions, open forums, and student interaction.
Ecole Chocolate believes the longer course design allows you extra time to hone your skills by having time to practice and research between sessions. It will also allow you flexibility around your personal schedule. Once you complete these courses you can advance to the Master chocolate program.

Le Cordon Bleu
This culinary arts school has multiple campuses across the Unites States and around the world. They offer degrees in pastry and baking arts with optional emphasis on chocolate making.

The Arts Institutes of America
The AIA offers culinary degree programs that include pastry and baking as well as courses on chocolate. They have locations across the US, with campuses in just about every major city.

Notter Institute
The Notter Institute provides several avenues to achieve a diploma in culinary arts. They specialize in European bakery and pastry techniques. The founder is Ewald Notter, a chocolatier and author of the book, The Art of the Chocolatier. He is a world renowned confectionery and pastry chef with multiple awards to his name. This school offers a 24 week program to teach fundamentals as well as advanced techniques.

Career Options for a Master Chocolatier
Some master chocolatiers open their own chocolate shops. Others work in the hospitality industry on cruise ships, at world renowned hotels, at resorts and casinos. Some will go on to work for big chocolate makers like Nestle or Callebaut. Still others will link up through professional associations and become Pastry/Chocolate chefs at the best restaurants in the world.

Once you have achieved the first levels of knowledge, and if your heart is still obsessed with chocolate, you can then take it to the next level by becoming a Master Chocolatier. Once you gain this distinction--a Master Chocolatier-- your knowledge will be so extensive that you will know how to create, shape, combine, form, manipulate and do just about anything you can think of with chocolate!
Find a culinary arts program with chocolatier classes and turn your passion into an amazing career!

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